Our Company


We are in the splendid land of Tuscany, the land of the Etruscan, with their great tradition, the innate elegance, love of art and of pleasure.

And here is the “Pearl of the sixteenth century”, Montepulciano, with its courts, the aristocratic beauty of a remarkable piece of land, generous with those that love it, respect it, care for it like treasure.

Vines and olive trees have always grown so well here that they made a wonderful garden of the land, known and appreciated by popes andkings.

And its highly prized fruits are appreciated as much today as they once were.

Corte alla Flora

For more than twenty years we have been working patiently, selecting the best soils, choosing the vines and olives with love and caring for them with dedication, working with nature and following its slow rhythms.

The constancy of our work has its roots in a profound respect for tradition.

The soils are clayey, calcareous and give wines with an extraordinary balance of tannins and perfumes.

In the Cervognano area – 35 hectares selected from 90 hectares of the property in the heart of the zone of the “Disciplinare” – we cultivate the traditional Prugnolo Gentile, along with other red grape varieties: Merlot, Syrah, cabernet Sauvignon, cabernet Frane, Petit Vertot.

We are also experimenting a autochtnous variety: Pugnitello.

New techniques Old knowledge

The vines grown “a cordone speronato” and pruned short, the fruit of modem techniques but also of traditional culture, give their best yeld here.

This is our idea of quality: 5,200 plants per hectare, thinning out and harvesting by hand, a maximum production of 60 quintals per hectare.

Production techniques

The great beauty of the area has prompted us to find new solutions that are not invasive of the land. Vinification and maturing take place in underground premises of the latest design, where great respect both for the raw materials and for the land that bears them are united.

Maceration is realized with automatic remixing for 15-30 days under strict analytic control. At drawing follows a lightly pressed and then the obtained wine develops its malolactic fermentation in tanks at 20°C.

In December entonnage and refining take place in wood barrels of 50 HL and barriques of 225 L.

We are also experimenting, with great interest, with international vines.

Our objective is a “Supertuscan” and a line of monovarietal wines – Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon – that is worthy of the territory and its extraordinary richness.

Marc issues from thanks in which Vino Nobile di Montepulciano fermented, immediately after pressing are placed in special bags, taking care to remove oxygen.

Once conferred to the distiller, the marc is subjected to continuous distillation and subsequently, the grappa is aged for 18 months in wood.

We take care of our olive trees with the same passion, which olives are picked by hand at the beginning of November and pressed within few hours, giving an extra virgin olive with low acidity with fruity, delicate and fragrant notes.